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Taxi Shrewsbury

The cars provided by the taxi of Shrewsbury are very comfortable. I always use their services when I need a taxi. 
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- Taxi Shrewsbury -

With the taxi of Shrewsbury, you just have to call us and we will send you the nearest car from you

You need a taxi but you don't want to wait forever for your car? You want a driver that knows Shrewsbury and its surrounding areas like anyone else? The taxi you were waiting for had settled down at Shrewbury. He's the best quality-price ratio of the area. Look no further for the best taxi's service at Schrewsbury.  

Book your car the evening before with the taxi of Shrewsbury and avoid the stress

You have an important job interview in the city, an appointment or a meeting that you cannot miss? You can book your car the evening before with the taxi of Shrewsbury. You just have to call us or the go on our website online and book your car when and where you want, our drivers will take care of everything else.  

After your parties think to call the taxi of Shrewsbury

You went to a party and you feel tired? You know that it's not safer to getting behind the wheels? You're right and you should call the taxi of Shrewsbury, this is the safer and the cheaper way to go back home after your parties. Our prices are very affordable, even in the middle of the night. Offer you the best service at the best price, you're not dreaming, this is what offer the taxi of Schrewsbury. 


Our drivers are very fast and choose the shortest route for you. 


Low prices for high quality services. Choose the best service, choose the taxi of Shrewsbury!


Very comfortable cars with air conditioning and soundproofing area. Enjoy your journey with us!